A single point of
contact for

400+ software

A single point of contact for 400+ software publishers

Your end users and the day-to-day operations of your business rely on a wide variety of software applications, but procuring software is more complicated than signing a purchase order. Most organizations deal with multiple, often many, publishers – one for each software suite they own.

The truth is, the transaction is probably the easiest part of the process; plans for licensing, implementation, upgrades and disposal all need to be considered.

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Rather than dealing with each publisher individually, our national team of software specialists gives you a single point of contact for more than 400 software publishers.

With over 120 licensing certifications nationally, we are one of the largest software resellers in the country and a major Microsoft LAR and ESA. We use our years of experience to help you choose and negotiate the contract that will benefit you the most.

What’s the best way to keep track of your software? A software asset management plan can help you stay up to date and aware of options such as cloud applications like Office 365; with automated updates from the publisher and the ability to add or delete users as frequently as necessary, you can manage your software without your IT department and you’ll only pay for what you need.

Looking to make ad-hoc purchases and monitor purchase history along the way? Take advantage of our online procurement and asset management tool: Emerge.

Software can be complicated. We can help simplify it.

Moving to a new OS? Ensure that all of your applications will work with the new software with the help of our professional services team.We can install the software for you, which is ideal if you are deploying new machines or devices at the same time.We can help you manage your software licenses on an ongoing basis.

Did you know that… The annual savings of users who move their apps to the cloud is 21% (business insider) Cloud computing is up to 40x more cost-effective for small and mid-sized companies compared to running their own IT systems (Microsoft) CIOs will spend 59% more on cloud computing in 2014 (CIO Insight) Cloud software solutions are a big deal for businesses who are looking to their technology investments to help them be more effective, efficient and productive while keeping costs …>>